4C Hub Wien // Brand Strategy & Identity Design
4C Hub is best described as a co-working space that has evolved to place enormous emphasis on its community, as well as "colloquiums": an umbrella term for all the workshops, meetups and other events that take place under 4C's roof.
Zeitgeist Galerie Wien // Brand Identity & Strategy
Zeitgeist is a fictional Vienna-based gallery complex focused on showcasing 20th & 21st century art, as well as cultivating a lively local community with various workshops, art auctions, events, and a large public relaxation area.
Vienna Event Posters Concepts Vol. 1 - Design Exercise
A collection of concept posters done for various fictional events in the city of Vienna, Austria.
Games.CON 2017 / Event Branding Campaign
A brand refresh for one of the largest gaming conventions in southeast Europe.
Hustle & Happiness / Workshop Event Branding
Branding for a workshop-turned-course for fitness entrepreneurs.
2018 Personal Brand Refresh
Upgraded my own 2016 branding for the current year.
Brand Zine
Brand Zine is a 32-page collection of articles on the topic of graphic design & branding, written and edited by me. At this moment, there is only one physical copy, but you can read it digitally on Issuu.
Flowlight / Corporate Brand Identity Process
A visual re-design for an agency that lights up brands and makes them flow.
Touhou Posters
A series of Swiss Design style posters that depict various characters of this Japanese-folklore inspired franchise.
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