Flowlight is actually a re-brand of Influkz, an agency specializing in Facebook advertising using content marketing strategies and smarter targeting.  

Fun fact: I actually came up with its new name! It happened while I was still working at the agency, and had a random chat with Zac, the founder. We were thinking about what the new name should be, and after at least a dozen suggestions, he settled on Flowlight. 
This brand identity overhaul was a joint effort between us, as all the major projects are. Thus, the simplistic animation you see above didn't just come right away. What preceded it was a ton of visual exploration.
The initial idea was to take the advertising aspects of a megaphone and graph lines, but no matter how we arranged it, it was still too complex. Plus, the colour scheme was very reminiscent of the fish industry, not the advertising industry.

For the new revision, I tried an entirely different colour scheme, in addition to exploring the very idea of "flow" and "light".
We finally got a more neutral and usable concept, but the circles along with an overly teal colour scheme were too reminiscent of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Back to the drawing board again.
After many of these trials and errors, figuring out how to accurately showcase Flowlight but avoid the usual cliches, we decided to take the simple wordmark approach and couple it with abstract graphics and a more vivid colour scheme, with equally vivid imagery.
Because the logo is a simple word-mark, the brand needed to have some strong visuals in order to be remembered. That's how "The Squiggles" were born. 

They're these curvy lines you can see in both above and below examples. Along with them and the green-blue colour palette, we've made alive the vision Flowlight stands for: 
Bridging the gap between the company and its customers.
This is what Zac had to say about my work:

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