Modern branding & strategy for Vienna-based events.

Are you organizing an event in Vienna, Austria? Looking for an edge in promoting your event and engaging your audience? Hi! I'm Bea, a brand designer & consultant that can help you ATTRACT & RETAIN your ideal client using powerful branding. Interested? Let's set up a 20-min discovery call to answer any questions you might have.

Tenfold Records / Visual Brand Identity
A visual rebrand project for a UK-based drum n' bass record label.
4C Hub Wien // Brand Strategy & Identity Design
4C Hub is best described as a co-working space that has evolved to place enormous emphasis on its community, as well as "colloquiums": an umbrella term for all the workshops, meetups and other events that take place under 4C's roof.
Zeitgeist Galerie Wien // Brand Identity & Strategy
Zeitgeist is a fictional Vienna-based gallery complex focused on showcasing 20th & 21st century art, as well as cultivating a lively local community with various workshops, art auctions, events, and a large public relaxation area.
2018 Personal Brand Refresh
Upgraded my own 2016 branding for the current year.
106 Touhou Posters
After almost full 3 years of work, this personal project of mine is finally complete. It consists of minimally illustrated poster renditions of 106 characters from the video game series Touhou Project.
Vienna Event Posters Concepts Vol. 1 - Design Exercise
A collection of concept posters done for various fictional events in the city of Vienna, Austria.
Games.CON 2017 / Event Branding Campaign
A brand refresh for one of the largest gaming conventions in southeast Europe.
Brand Zine
Brand Zine is a 32-page collection of articles on the topic of graphic design & branding, written and edited by me. At this moment, there is only one physical copy, but you can read it digitally on Issuu.
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